Recruitment research to help you find the right candidate

Attaining and retaining exceptional talent was one of the top challenges of the recruitment industries throughout the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although, thankfully, we have moved on to the new normal, finding the right talent for your company still remains a time-consuming challenge.

For instance, when you, as an employer, simply posts a job online, your inbox gets flooded with hopeful applicants within minutes. To help you skip the hassle we, at iSHR, are here to help you have the right candidate join your team through our breakthrough Recruitment Research program.

What is the iSHR Recruitment Research program?

At iSHR, we believe in doing purposeful work to ensure that our clients receive access to the right talent pool who will help their business idea flourish and scale new heights.

One of the first steps that we follow when sourcing exceptional candidates for our clients is our Recruitment Research program.

Our multi-step Recruitment Research program comprises the following:

Understanding our clients’ requirements:

When you approach our team with a requirement, we work towards understanding and categorizing the requirements for the role in order to meet at a common ground which is to select the right candidate for your company.

Targeting the right talent pool through our recruitment experts: With a collective experience of over 30 Years in the industry, our recruitment experts then post the job requirement targeting the right talent pool.

Selecting candidates who meet the eligibility criteria:

We then scan, categorize, and finalize the candidates who meet the eligibility criteria based on your requirements and send across the eligible profiles to you for final assessment.

Why Choose iSHR?

iSHR is one of the premium recruitment services in the UAE. We provide end-to-end services for all things recruitment. From attaining and recruiting services for permanent, temporary, contract-based, and interim opportunities to even providing onboarding-related assistance, we are a one-stop service provider for hiring the right candidate for your company.

Experience high-quality services with iSHR.

Purposeful work to help take your business to the next level.

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