Benefits of using psychometric tests during recruitment

When recruiting for a requirement in your company, have you come across candidates who appear perfect on paper but end up being a complete mismatch in the actual work environment? The number of times you may have come across such instances may be too high to count.

To reduce such instances of mis-hires, recruiters have, over time, adopted various methods to help determine the fit of an employee in an organization. One of the methods that is gaining increasing popularity in today’s world is the use of psychometric testing for recruitment.

In this article, we take a look into the known origins of psychometric testing; moreover, we analyze how they are being used in today’s world in the recruitment industry. Read on to know more.

What is psychometric testing in recruitment?

In the recruitment industry, psychometric testing helps determine and measure a candidate’s mental capabilities and aptitude for the role in question. The type of tests is ideally determined by the employer to determine a candidate’s suitability for a job; these tests could include verbal reasoning, situational judgment, and even numerical and logical reasoning. With such tests, an employer will be able to receive a unique perspective of how a candidate demonstrates a specific skill or ability.

Psychometric testing: Origins

So how did psychometric testing come into being?

The origins of psychometric testing could be traced back to 2200 BC China where Emperor Yushan was known to test for skills, intelligence, and endurance when appointing individuals for official public roles. However, there is very little archaeological evidence available to support this claim.

The first true psychometric testing was developed by Francis Galton in the 1880s. Galton’s test led to the introduction of Differential Psychology

Although many companies have long-since relied on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test to understand the personality of each job applicant. However, due to certain limitations that arise with the sole use of this test, recruiters now prefer using a more comprehensive range of psychometric tests to understand and create a detailed assessment of each potential employee.

How are psychometric tests useful for hiring companies?

Traditional recruitment testing methods help an employer determine a person’s educational background, academic achievements, and total work experience during the application process. They use these measures to help identify suitable candidates for a particular job role.

Psychometric tests, on the other hand, provide an in-depth overview of a candidate by showcasing their logical reasoning, aptitude for problem solving, and even their ability to analyze and interpret a given range of data or situations. Psychometric tests also provide employees with an insight into a candidate’s personality traits and how they would fit into an existing team.

Employers and consultants around the world are increasingly choosing to employ psychometric testing in their recruitment processes to make the right hiring decisions for their company.

Psychometric testing in the UAE

Psychometric testing has been quite prevalent in the UAE.

Due to the UAE being one of the fastest-growing economies in the Middle East, the demand for a qualified talent pool is quite high. To further this demand and ensure companies hire the right candidates, psychometric tests are being used.

iSHR: Providing a premium experience in recruitment

iSHR is leading the way to enhance the recruitment experience for both clients and candidates. With psychometric testing, our recruitment consultants ensure that our distinguished clients receive only the best choices for any hiring requirements that they may have. 

Recent initiative by iSHR: A case study

At iSHR, we believe in doing Purposeful Work. Among our recent recruitment initiatives, we had a Dubai-based client requirement for a mass recruitment of around 70 teaching assistants from the Philippines. Through the course of our initiative, we not only were instrumental in personally screening each candidate, but through our curated psychometric testing conducted by with the help of our in-house certified psychologist, we were able to source candidates who were the right fit for the requirement.

How is iSHR’s psychometric testing different?

As one of the top recruitment and staffing companies in Dubai, iSHR employs a one-of-a-kind approach of not only conducting psychometric testing but also a psychometric interview to further ensure that you, as our client, only receive the best-possible fir for your organization.

Through the psychometric interview, our recruitment executives along with our in-house psychologist, work to provide an additional assurance of the culture- and role-fit of the candidates. With a combination of these methods, iSHR is able to stand out from the crowd to ensure that you, as our client, only receives the best services.

With our proven case study of the mass recruitment drive, we have been able to showcase the effectiveness of using psychometric testing.

Choose iSHR for your recruitment needs

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With our signature Premium Recruitment Research model, our company works to provide reliable staffing and outsourcing services.

We ensure to take the utmost care of our distinguished clientele by using a personalized approach and remain in constant contact with our clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process. Irrespective of the number of roles or the size of the business, iSHR is here to meet your recruitment needs.

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