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When an employer needs to hire a large number of candidates in a short amount of time or when there is a constant demand for resources, volume hiring is typically required. It could be seasonal hiring; Increased Recruitment; Internal Recruiting; Recruiting on-site or through a project the requirement may be homogenous or heterogeneous. Employers’ in-house recruitment teams frequently lacked the bandwidth to handle large numbers of applicants, necessitating external assistance to complete the recruitment process.

iSHR - Reputed Volume Recruitment Agency

As a talent leader, you are aware of the unique difficulties associated with high-volume hiring. There is a lot of competition for hourly workers, managing the candidate experience is hard, and hiring is frequently left to people who have a lot on their plate. With iSHR’s mass recruitment services, you can carry out your high-volume hiring process with complete ease. Combine mobile technology with intelligent automation to find and hire top talent at scale, speed, and volume. The candidate and hiring manager have a great experience as a result of this high-volume hiring strategy.

Now is the ideal time to begin rethinking hourly employment.

The demands of mass hiring are challenging. ISHR addresses some of the typical issues that arise when hiring a lot of people:

  1. Collaborating with a large number of potential employees to communicate.
  2. Putting a personal, on-brand stamp on messages.
  3. Establishing a hiring pipeline and talent pools for expansion.
  4. Managing employee onboarding, retention, and turnover.
  5. Utilizing automated solutions to engage massive workforces.
  6. Using AI to automatically elevate the best candidates for the position.
  7. Utilizing video interviews and pre-screening questions to save time
  8. Utilizing digital language assessments to support global hiring.

Volume Recruitment Company in Dubai

Volume recruitment is the process of hiring a large number of people for the same position or multiple positions at once. As a result, to handle a large number of applicants, processes and systems must be altered from the standard recruitment procedure.

Our consultants at iSHR tailor the volume recruitment strategy to your organization’s objectives. Our iSHR People Insights team, which combines psychology and technology to provide you with insights that assist you in making decisions and recruiting employees, is responsible for the delivery of our mass recruitment services.

iSHR - Volume Recruitment Agency offers:

  1. Applicant the executive’s frameworks for volume enlistment.
  2. Psychometric tests are conducted online.
  3. Design and facilitation of an objective, dependable, and tested assessment center.
  4. Training for interviewers and behavioral interview facilitation.
  5. Solutions for bringing in the best workers.
  6. A streamlined candidate experience and a single point of contact for applicants.