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iSHR takes care of all recruitment needs and provides the best candidates for various sectors including healthcare and IT. We have 18+ years of experience with a well-efficient dedicated team in these areas. We do not compromise on quality because we know how crucial each employee is to your business’s expansion. We value your trust in us, we carry out the initial stage of screening on our own and select the best candidates. Contact us right away for assistance with the recruitment process!

These top professionals, who have the best industry knowledge, provide solutions to our clients and transform their company’s employment procedure. In order to provide the best HR recruitment agencies in Dubai, we always remain focused on meeting the needs and requirements of the client and collaborate closely with them. Our goal is to help our clients create a positive and productive work environment that leads to increased employee satisfaction and retention.

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PRO Services

We help business will competently handle any necessary paperwork for your personal and corporate life in the UAE.

Payroll Services

We guarantee a mistake-free, accurate, and timely online payroll process with our extensive selection of solutions and services.


We offer permanent and contractual staffing solutions that give you access to candidates who have been fully screened and are qualified for any industry you choose.

Premium Executive Research

We provide a one-of-a-kind premium recruitment research services through which we help connect our clients with the right candidate.

Volume Hiring Solutions

We at iSHR provide you with a strategic resourcing solution for your organization. By evaluating a diverse talent pool and providing targeted verification of candidate suitability and personality.


We provide the best high-end effective Recruitment services suitable for the success of your organization

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Our Promises
  1. We provide individualized service by assigning an HR Recruiter solely to your staffing needs, who will serve as your point of contact.
  2. This not only helps us quickly fill open positions but also closes communication gaps between us and our customers. As a result, we guarantee a quick turnaround time for applications and interviews.
  3. In addition to employing head-hunting methods, we have access to a large database of candidate profiles through well-known portals and social media channels.
  4. Our team is spread out across the world, and we have overcome all obstacles to guarantee that our services will run smoothly across the country.
  5. Our dedicated staff works around the clock to accommodate the clients making us the best HR consultancy in Dubai
Success Mantra Of Us

Effective Method of Process

Before beginning our search, our team follows a methodical approach in which we thoroughly comprehend the requirements of our client. Additionally, we employ a variety of approaches to select the most qualified applicants from the pool. This has helped us become the best HR consultancy in Dubai in a short amount of time and enables us to provide our clients with the right candidate quickly.

Proactive Team

Our group comprises qualified, experienced, and friendly industry specialists, who have worked in different fields. They put in their extensive industry experience and knowledge to find our clients the best candidates

Broad Database

We don't go through the typical process of posting jobs and waiting for applicants to apply. Our team is aware that effective work can result in positive outcomes. While working on each position, we try every strategy to make sure the candidates are the best fit. Because of this, we can find the best candidates and conduct a quick and effective candidate search.

Latest Resources for Technology

Recruitment agencies' future will be controlled by cutting-edge technology. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the significance of the most recent recruitment technology in this day and age. Therefore, both the recruitment agency itself and the candidates it provides must be experts in the most recent technology.
reason to Grow with us

Fastest Hiring Process

Employing a recruitment firm will speed up the process of filling open positions. You won't be able to find candidates as quickly as a recruitment agency. Our specialist recruiters use the most recent technology and business intelligence to locate your ideal candidates in half the time is our quality to become one of the top HR recruitment agencies in Dubai. We have access to expensive systems, a network of connections to leverage, a vast talent pool in our database, and a network of connections to leverage.

High-Quality Techies

Finding candidates, let alone high-quality candidates is challenging. The professional experience of a recruiter can help you select better candidates. You'll have access to vetted candidates thanks to an agency's vast talent pool. Candidate selection is the domain of agency recruiters' expertise. They may have the experience you lack because they have been trained to evaluate candidates.

Full Support

Employers and job seekers communicate with a recruitment agency. They discover who is the best candidate to fill open positions. They also offer assistance to candidates and clients. You will receive advice on how to improve yourself and feedback on your application as a candidate. They are always reachable to answer your queries. Your recruiter will be there to help you with questions about your resume or interview questions.

Good Knowledge About The Market

The best HR consultancy Dubai learns a lot about the industry they work in through conversations with clients and candidates. They frequently have the insight and wise counsel to offer. This is an essential part of what they do. You gain access to a recruitment agency's knowledge of salary rates, available skill sets, career development expectations, contract support, current hiring complexities, and even market trends in your sector.
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The brain behind the team consists of sole leaders who make it the best organization since they consistently go above and beyond for our team.

this was my first-ever experience with iSHR and I'm very pleased with the service
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