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Leading Payroll Services in Dubai

A payroll service can assist you in developing new business insights and allow you to concentrate on what you do best running your own business when you want to go beyond the mindset of simply handing out paychecks to your employees. You can elevate your HR management with the help of iSHR professional payroll services. Accounting software that has been recognized as one of the best in the nation is available from iSHR Consulting as a quick solution.

As one of the best payroll service in Dubai, we know how important it is for your business to have error-free payroll management processes. Your company, whether it is a multinational corporation or a small business, can take advantage of an accurate and timely online payroll process with our extensive selection of solutions and services.

Exceptional payroll services for your business:

  1. Self-Service for Employees (ESS): Employees can view their salary slips, submit an IT declaration, select FBP, and submit a query online.
  2. Access to view and print the salary slip online.
  3.  Import/Export of Leave and Automated Attendance
  4. Web-based solution for leave.
  5. Management of reimbursements
  6. Web-based processing of payroll, reimbursement, F&F, reports and e-challan generation replaces Excel.

We provide better and more effective payroll management for your employees and HR support as a dependable payroll outsourcing company.

Benefits of our payroll services

  1. Quick turnaround
  2. assistance throughout the employee’s entire life cycle, from recruitment to termination.
  3. streamlined all aspects of the payroll process.
  4. decreased expenditures on IT infrastructure.
  5. well-planned use of resources.
  6. strict compliance with legal and compliance requirements.
  7. Reports and documentation that are error-free.
  8. solid business data that supports strategic initiatives by top management.
  9. low chance of being penalized for not complying.
  10. a quick and effective solution to all problems involving employees.

Best payroll services in Dubai

Due to severe penalties for noncompliance with government statutory requirements and other difficult issues, managing your own company’s entire payroll can be difficult. Although payroll service may appear straightforward on the surface, many businesses that perform their payroll processing ultimately discover that it may not be all that inexpensive and straightforward, particularly when you take into account the amount of time required to oversee the entire procedure. Compared to in-house payroll processing, many businesses prefer payroll options from an external payroll provider. Paying workers, filing taxes, and doing other payroll-related tasks can all be made easier and more affordable with this option.

 All businesses, regardless of size or industry, benefit from our innovative and completely bespoke solutions. All of your company’s payroll requirements will be directly addressed by our payroll solutions. With the help of customized solutions built on the foundation of extensive domain experience, qualified professionals for professional payroll services, and cutting-edge technology, we assist businesses in enhancing their competitive advantage. Because of this, we can provide our customers with the assurance that comprehensive payroll services in Dubai can address all of their business challenges


Service Scope

Understanding and defining the scope of payroll services are critical when acquiring expert help. Our payroll team which is composed of experts can make sure you are given a clear scope of the services you are acquiring, outlining our responsibilities with respect to your company payroll. Since the payroll services we provide in UAE are tailored to the specific needs of businesses, they can include regulatory updates, end-of-service calculations, WPS setup and salary transfers, statutory payments and filings, distribution of payslips, audit assistance, reports generation, financial accruals, retroactive calculations, and leave management.


Service level Agreement

Our payroll specialists work conscientiously, which is why clients are only provided with the services that they actually need. Our service level agreements include specifications on performance goals to help businesses with their payroll and HR functions. This includes payment and processing timelines, turnaround time for questions and queries of company management and employees, recording of general ledger transactions, recording overtime, requesting leaves, and maintaining personal information of employees.


Time and Money Savings

The processes involved in getting approvals and processing documents with different government agencies can be a hassle for most individuals and businesses. Relying on our PRO services in Dubai will be able to save you a considerable amount of time, which you can redirect on more important tasks instead of queuing up on different departments. Our team for PRO services in Dubai can also save money as they help reduce the cost of processing and clearing documents. Additionally, we eliminate the need to maintain an in-house PRO or administrative department for your business.