Why Recruiting will remain a Haunting field?

According to the survey, 75% of Job Candidates have been ghosted by a company following an interview while 76% of employers have been ghosted by the candidates or the near ones.

This scary situation is really trending and is clearly out of control and which really needs to be handled carefully

Candidates who have been abandoned by you are likely to never apply for your employment again, never refer others, never be a brand advocate, and never buy your products or services (if yours is a consumer-based company). They’ll also spread the word on job review sites, social media, and other public places that you ghosted them. This isn’t a hypothesis. These are the outcomes of candidates’ bad experiences with potential employers, according to Talent Board.

This is something that ghost candidates are aware of. Employers are keeping track of you in their systems, and they’re unlikely to consider you for future positions. Yes, even in today’s talent market, when you have a lot of clout due to labor shortages, ghosting will designate you as untrustworthy and unworthy of consideration. Plus, the market will move back in favor of employers at some point in the future.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m delighted that market conditions have given workers the ability to organize and demand what they deserve. However, all of this ghosting is doing nothing to establish confidence between employers and employees, which would be beneficial to both parties. Employers, according to candidates, are merely getting a taste of their own medicine. Whether or not it is accurate, playing the blame game (in any direction) does not assist the situation.

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