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iSHR is one of the top-notch staffing companies in Dubai. It is different from any other Staffing Services Company in this Dubai because it can support a wide range of industries using a single integrated software that has been thoroughly tested and is working well in many places across the country. We worked hard to develop the best payroll management, HR management, and statutory compliance solution for businesses in our cloud-based software.

iSHR Is Here to Make Your Job Easier Than Ever.

Top staffing agency

One of the best staffing companies in Dubai, iSHR offers a full range of staffing services for qualified personnel to meet the changing requirements of businesses. In every market where we specialize, iSHR offers a permanent, first-rate, and professional recruitment service.

iSHR is one of the most prominent staffing company Dubai. It provides individualized staffing solutions to businesses of all sizes and cultivates long-lasting relationships with candidates and clients.

Our expertise, as one of the best staffing agencies in Dubai, is in conducting an ethical and thorough selection process to guarantee that the candidates we shortlist will meet or exceed all expectations. Our highly skilled permanent recruitment team works in all Dubai and international industries.

Permanent staffing

We strictly adhere to a total quality management program that calls for an integrated staff selection and recruitment process. It includes psychometric assessments, behavioral interview techniques, a comprehensive assignment briefing, and fully validated testing measures. We can select and refer only candidates who have the highest talent and are perfectly suited to your requirements thanks to our extensive reference checking. The permanent staffing project includes interview coordination with the client as well as candidate sourcing and initial screening. A thorough comprehension of the job description, the kind of person the client is looking for, and the client’s work culture are the most crucial aspects of the project. This will ensure that we only recommend candidates who meet the requirements. An experienced recruitment consultant with extensive recruiting expertise oversees each client assignment. We are in charge of everything, so you can concentrate on achieving your business goals without worrying about the staffing process.

Contractual staffing

At some point, almost all businesses require contractors to add flexibility. iSHR can provide relevant, high-quality contractors that speed up project progress. Contract staffing services provided by temporary staffing agencies in Dubai are used by businesses to support upcoming projects, meet seasonal needs, and reduce the workforce during slow periods. Contract labor has been around for a long time, but even in white-collar jobs, it is becoming more common. Businesses and employees alike benefit from contract employment. Talented employees have the opportunity to chart a distinct career path by increasingly managing more challenging and higher positions in diverse businesses, while establishments have the flexibility to find people for short-term tasks. We are Dubai’s top staffing agency and have long been a market leader in Dubai. Depending on the needs of your current business cycle, our contract staffing facilities will allow your company to increase or decrease its workforce. With contract staffing company Dubai, you can reduce the costs of hiring, training, and providing benefits to new employees, as well as the HR division’s managerial costs. Additionally, it enables you to provide a break to your permanent staff, which may be underutilized during busy times.

How does ISHR differ?

  1. We have been providing global clients with Dubai-based strategic staffing solutions.
  2. We think that working closely with the client is essential.
  3. We give our all to every staffing project we take on.
  4. Our sourcing strategy is customized, client-centered, and industry-targeted.
  5. We have collaborated with some of Dubai’s leading businesses.
  6. Our reputable customers from a variety of sectors have acknowledged and valued our superior service delivery model.