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Although the UAE is one of the most business-friendly markets in the world, starting a business there can be difficult. When starting a business in Dubai, many legal procedures, laws, and government documents must be understood. We at iSHR offer professional PRO services in Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates, allowing you to concentrate on managing your day-to-day business operations.


Best PRO Services In UAE

For a business to succeed in the UAE, a PRO services provider is essential. Your company and the government communicate through a PRO. Processing important government paperwork, legal formalities, and all other documentation are among the many services that PRO Services in Dubai provide that are necessary for establishing your business in Dubai.

In the UAE, iSHR is a PRO services provider that places the needs of its customers first. We are collaborating with you throughout the formation and growth of your business. We process applications and documents related to your PRO services in UAE quickly and effectively.

A wide range of PRO services in Dubai can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, we are able to guarantee your company’s complete legal compliance during and after business formation. Our team works closely with you to make sure that you and your employees are well-informed about government protocols, rules, and instructions at the right time. With iSHR, you can get best PRO services in UAE quickly and without problems at the best prices in the UAE.

Corporate PRO Services in Dubai

Our goal is to become Dubai’s most trusted provider of corporate PRO services. Our strategy is the first step toward completing this mission, and Our People are the last. Our objective is to give each and every one of our customers the best PRO services possible, ensuring that we fulfill every need and request. A professional service is provided by iSHR corporate PRO services in Dubai. Submitting your documents consistently and accurately is made easier and more cost-effective by our team of experts with industry knowledge. For all UAE government services, iSHR Corporate PRO Services is your one-stop shop.

Visa management service

In Dubai, ISHR offers a wide range of visa services, including assistance with visa application and documentation for individuals and businesses in all of the Emirates. One of ISHR’s most requested services is handled by a dedicated Visa documentation and application team.

From the initial consultation to the final visa issue, the ISHR Dubai team of visa consultants closely collaborates with clients. Our extensive clientele reflects the precision and diligence with which we provide visa processing and documentation services. ISHR provides a wide range of visa services in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to assist our clients throughout the visa application process.

In the UAE, ISHR provides visa services to both private individuals and business clients. Business Visas, Investor Visas, Employment Visas, Family Visas, Tourist Visas, Freelance Visas, and Maid Visas are among the various Visas available in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. However, to make the best decision, you must be aware of the differences between each type of visa.

Business Visa

Expat citizens and their dependents are eligible for a long-term business visa in the UAE. The visa is intended specifically for entrepreneurs and investors from abroad. To be eligible for a Business Visa, applicants must have substantial professional experience.

Investor Visa

The Investor visa targets foreign investors, as the name suggests. The purpose of the investor visa is to encourage foreign investment in the UAE. The visa is issued by the UAE Ministry and has a three-year validity. The Investor Visa applicant must make a predetermined minimum deposit.

Work (Employment) visa

All foreign nationals who want to work in the UAE must have a work (employment) visa. After the Entry Permit visa is issued, the Work Permit Visa is issued. The kind of work performed and the length of time worked may affect the cost of a work visa. To obtain a Work Visa, the applicant must undergo a mandatory medical examination.

Family Visa

An expatriate resident can sponsor his spouse, children, and parents in the UAE with a family visa. If you are traveling with close family members, you must obtain a family visa before entering the UAE. If the ex-pat worker has a valid residency permit, sponsorship is only possible.

Tourist Visa

Foreign nationals who do not qualify for the UAE’s visa-on-arrival or visa-free entry options must apply for a tourist visa. A tourist visa lasts between 30 and 90 days. The applicant’s passport should be valid for at least six months from the date of travel.

PRO Services – The iSHR Advantage

Our PRO specialists have in-depth knowledge of local labour laws, visa and licensing regulations, and are all set to streamline your interactions with government.

We're a trustworthy partner.

We prioritize our customers by customizing our PRO services in Dubai to meet your unique requirements and financial constraints. All of our PRO services are also transparent, so you can relax and concentrate on your business.

We have a reputation.
We have developed strong relationships with the government agency and a thorough understanding of local regulations.
We are successful.
We guarantee that everything is completed within the allotted time. So that you can start your business without any problems or delays, our team makes commitments that we can keep.