As a people solutions company - 'EXPERIENCE' is the only word and 1 goal we started with iSENGAGEDD.

EXPERIENCE and Purposeful Work define this company and its people services offerings. I choose CX for people business as being a realistic client and applicant experiences are dynamic and could unfold at any point into a wow, Neutral or disaster service experience….we stay relevant and alert. This is to ensure we stay focused and aim for wow offerings across our people service line… whether at a CXO level executive search, partner-driven staffing & HR consulting, company setup/documents facilitation, educator training or student immigration services.

Like many other organizations that survived sensibly post-2020, our initial journey has been intensely turbulent yet super agile with no time to worry but march on making opportunities out of uncertain market conditions. Our clear focus from day one has been to use time as our biggest strength and capitalize on the time value of the money with never compromising on the best experience for our client, stakeholders, investors, and team.

My 18 years of core multi-domain experience and aspiration to create a one-stop people solution company have allowed us to continuously embrace new challenges to diversify and stretch our target. We embraced and failed quickly only to restore the journey.
With 2023 around the corner we are now a team of 23 empowered solopreneurs and employees within our team who are writing their own script to success in 2023. Our strength has been cashflow management with extremely short sales to delivery cycles resulting in a quick service deployment model. We continue to focus and increase our strength within country focus and nationalization supporting programs.
We now have iSHR with 100% IT & Surveillance with a mainland UAE license and DHR with Healthcare, Executive Search, Clean Energy, and outplacement focus.
iSPRO is our 3rd mainland license with a focus to support B2B new entrant licensing and employee visa needs in the UAE market.
While partner alliances are on the Aviation and Logistics specific brand is simmering and soon will be out in the market in 2023.
Our performing team of BD and recruiters enjoyed best-in-class commission and benefits during the year and a few surprises like advanced annual leave, supporting emergency leave, flexible work hours, and half-day options on Fridays, and many more.
We aspire to stay focused on our people offerings and looking forward to 2023 to be ,6 fold revenue target achievement, 60 member team with 6%-9% profit sharing model implementation to the in-house team, 6 automation initiatives,6 new countries to do business, 2 new CXO opportunities within iSENGAGEDD, and 1 single goal of a continuing the purposeful work.
6 failed plans to convert into successful implementation.

Get ready for a tailor-made premium EXPERIENCE in 2023 just for your organization. Thank You All!

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