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HR Outsourcing Service

Are you exhausted with the HR administration tasks? Or Do you need an end-to-end solution for your HR process?

Outsource your HR to Us and concentrate on the other areas of your business!!

Human Resources Outsourcing

  1. By delegating administrative tasks, you can concentrate on strategic objectives like employee retention and business expansion.
  2. Reduce the amount of time spent resolving issues and responding to employee inquiries about pay, benefits, or HR.
  3. Reduce the cost of employing additional HR personnel.
  4. Reduce the costs of training and onboarding.
  5. Receive assistance with compliance with employment laws and regulations, workplace safety, payroll, tax, and a variety of other laws and regulations—possibly saving your company fees and penalties for compliance.
  6. You continue to concentrate on increasing revenue.
  7. By outsourcing, you can avoid penalties for not filing or incorrectly filing statutory reports or paying statutory dues.
  8. Assurance of the highest level of security for the service provider’s highly sensitive data.

Payroll Services

  1. Self-Service for Employees (ESS): Employees can view their salary slips, submit an IT declaration, select FBP, and submit a query online.
  2. Access to view and print the salary slip online.
  3. Import/Export of Leave and Automated Attendance
  4. Web-based solution for leave.
  5. Management of reimbursements
  6. Web-based processing of payroll, reimbursement, F&F, reports, and e-challan generation replaces Excel.

We provide better and more effective payroll management for your employees and HR support as a dependable payroll outsourcing company.

PRO Services

  1. Visa Management Service
  2. Business Visa
  3. Investor Visa
  4. Work (Employment) Visa
  5. Family Visa
  6. Tourist Visa

Volume Hiring Solutions

Our consultants at ISHR tailor the volume recruitment strategy to your organization’s objectives. Our ISHR People Insights team, which combines psychology and technology to provide you with insights that assist you in making decisions and recruiting employees, is responsible for the delivery of our mass recruitment services.

ISHR – Volume Recruitment Agency Offers:

  1. Applicant the executive’s frameworks for volume enlistment.
  2. Psychometric tests are conducted online.
  3. Design and facilitation of an objective, dependable, and tested assessment center.
  4. Training for interviewers and behavioral interview facilitation.
  5. Solutions for bringing in the best workers.
  6. A streamlined candidate experience and a single point of contact for applicants.

IT & Surveillance Recruitment

For professionals who have moved to the Middle East, Dubai is heaven. Dubai’s businesses provide professionals with everything they require for their jobs. ISHR is one of the best IT recruitment agencies in UAE, and they help the best companies find the best employees. Human resources agencies’ skilled recruiters are aware of the JD provided by the employer and employ the best.
ISHR recruitment procedure:

  1. As soon as the JD is received, a dedicated recruitment team begins working on the job opening.
  2. Our extensive database is used by the team to find a candidate who fits the job description.
  3. The team then selects the best tool, if necessary, based on the job’s nature.
  4. By looking at the candidate’s skills and experience, experienced recruiters narrow down the best resumes from many others.
  5. The resume is sent to the account manager for further review, and if the candidate appears competent, an interview is scheduled.


  1. We have been providing global clients with Dubai-based strategic staffing solutions.
  2. We think that working closely with the client is essential.
  3. We give our all to every staffing project we take on.
  4. Our sourcing strategy is customized, client-centered, and industry-targeted.
  5. We have collaborated with some of Dubai’s leading businesses.
  6. Our reputable customers from a variety of sectors have acknowledged and valued our superior service delivery model.

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